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The RISE Project is developed by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, with the support of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. To see all the project collaborators and learn how you can get involved, please visit the community page.


SHINE is an API standard for exchanging textual resources, both open-access ones and protected (or licensed) ones that require authentication and authorization. Resource providers and research tool developers will find SHINE useful because it supports interoperability among resource repositories and research tools in a decentralized manner. Researchers will find SHINE useful because they will gain unprecedented access to textual resources in a machine-readable format, so that textual resources can be analyzed in research tools in a seamless and legal research workflow.


RISE is a middleware that protects resource exchanges via SHINE. It authenticates and authorizes these exchanges, especially for protected (or licensed) resources. It also includes a browser-based administrative interface for resource providers, research tool developers, and research organizations to regulate protocols for specific resource exchanges. To access RISE, please sign up here


To demonstrate the benefits of working with RISE and to encourage third-party development of SHINE -compatible technical solutions, a suite of open-source toolkits is available for others to adopt and adapt for their own purposes. They can be found on the RISE Project's Github page.